Barn Again!  


Barn Again! explored the barn as an agricultural structure, symbol of community and country life, and monument in the American landscape. The project encouraged people to consider the network of ideas that are as essential to the traditional barn as its timber beams.

Like most of Dreicer’s projects, Barn Again! focused on the process of building rather than on building as object. A real barn raising, managed by a professional, kicked off the exhibition. (It resulted in a video that played in the completed barn.) Participants gained a deeper understanding of the significance of expertise, planning, and teamwork. The way in which a society builds reflects and shapes its beliefs.

Presented at National Building Museum, 1994.

The Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service traveled a small format exhibition in multiple copies to 162 communities in 27 states, 1997-2005.

This project took its title from a National Trust for Historic Preservation program.