Museum of Vancouver    

A New Vision

In one of Canada’s most innovative museums, my responsibilities include strategic planning, interpretive direction, partnership building, and the development of strategies for engaging people in programs, exhibitions, and collections. I’ve developed the Museum of Vancouver’s new vision: to inspire a socially connected, civically engaged museum. Please read about it here.


I am working with colleagues to:

• Define thematic focus, with particular attention to exploring Vancouver’s iconic features.

• Reconnect the museum with individuals, foundations, corporations, government, and non-profits, in order to create new offerings, increase engagement, and encourage support.

• Create popular signature events.

• Revise institutional processes around curatorial, engagement, marketing, and development.


Outcomes include:

• Presenting Stefan Sagmeister: The Happy Show, which broke attendance and revenue records.

• Developing #makesmehappy (2015).

• Establishing events including Happy Hours and Why I Design--watch the brief video.

• Developing Your Future Home: Creating the New Vancouver (2016). Programming includes city walking tours and a quiz show.

• Developing Vancouver Transformation, a permanent exhibition that celebrates a city and province built with wood.

• Creating an institution-defining project that revolves around stories of trust.